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Promote Healthy Development by Protecting Your Child’s Oral Health

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Your child’s oral and general health depends partially on the health of their teeth for proper development. To help promote your child’s smile and proper development, Dr. Christa Spates, Dr. Krupa Jani, and our team are here to help you meet their dental needs and care for their teeth. We recommend that oral care begins within the early years of life so that your child can develop good oral health habits that improve their smile. We offer further information on why children need healthy smiles when they still have baby teeth.

While the baby teeth often don’t receive the level of care they need because it’s assumed they will fall out without consequence, the baby teeth actually play an important role in determining the quality of the permanent teeth. As soon as your child’s baby teeth erupt, they require daily oral care to help them facilitate the proper eruption of the permanent teeth later one. Furthermore, children should learn how to properly care for their baby teeth so that they develop the healthy habits to keep their adult teeth in good shape.

We encourage you to reduce the amount of sugar in your child’s diet by offering healthy snacks and meals instead. It’s also important to schedule regular oral exams with one of our skilled dentistss every six months so that we can screen for tooth decay and assess the health of the teeth.

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